Continuously improving Québec's health care system and making it a learning system

We build scientific and experience based knowledge

We offer customized support to project leaders in the network

We orchestrate continuous quality improvement

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Working together for a Learning Health System


Our mission

Our Unit’s vision is to continuously improve the Québec health system and make it a learning system.

We mobilize and empower the network to do things differently and achieve the quintuple aim. This means:

  • Making partnership a driving force
  • Integrating science and innovation
  • Facilitating change

Serving the Quebec health and social services network

We help institutions, organizations, decision-makers and staff working in health care, research and social services to manage data, transform data into knowledge, manage change and work as partners toward a common goal: achieving a Learning Health System in Québec, along with the quintuple aim.

What is a Learning Health System (LHS)?


It’s working in partnership and using science to improve management, care and services

  • It’s measuring, analyzing, taking action…and measuring again!
    • From practices to data
    • From data to knowledge
    • From knowledge to clinical and organizational practices

For a health system to continuously improve, it must repeat the learning cycle.

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