Continuously improving Québec's healthcare system by helping it learn from its successes and mistakes

We build scientific and experience based knowledge

We support targeted improvement projects and initiatives

We orchestrate continuous quality improvement

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Working together for a Learning Health System


Our mission

Our Unit’s vision is of a healthcare system that continuously improves through the mobilization and application of experiential, scientific, clinical and organizational knowledge. We do this by developing knowledge and facilitating its use. The fruits of research must not be shelved!

We support the deployment of a healthcare system that continuously learns and improves, thereby contributing to greater equity, population health, system efficiency and experience for patients and health and social services human resources.

Our service offering is designed to help:

  • Making partnership a driving force
  • Integrating science and innovation
  • Facilitating change

Serving the Quebec health and social services network

We help institutions, organizations, decision-makers and staff working in health care, research and social services to manage data, transform data into knowledge, manage change and work as partners toward a common goal: achieving a Learning Health System in Québec, along with the quintuple aim.

What is a Learning Health System (LHS)?


It’s working in partnership and using science to improve management, care and services

  • It’s measuring, analyzing, taking action…and measuring again!
    • From practices to data
    • From data to knowledge
    • From knowledge to clinical and organizational practices

For a health system to continuously improve, it must repeat the learning cycle.

Our services

Our expertises