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Working together for a Learning Health System


The Unit’s

We strive to make possible the continuous improvement of the health system as well as the care and services provided to the population.

Together with and for the benefit of the public, we are mobilizing research, health and social services networks in an effort to improve:

  • Patient experience and outcomes
  • The health of the general population
  • The efficiency of the system
  • The well-being of health and social service workers

These improvements are in keeping with balance and equity.

Serving the Quebec health and social services network

We help institutions, organizations, decision-makers and human resources in health care, research and social services work differently (data management, data use, change management, working in partnerships) with a common objective: a Learning Health System in Quebec with a quadruple aim.

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What is a Learning Health System (LHS)?


It’s working in partnership and using science to improve management, care and services

  • It’s measuring, analyzing, applying…and measuring again!
    • From practices to data
    • From data to knowledge
    • From knowledge to clinical and organizational practices

For a health system to continuously improve, it must repeat the learning cycle.

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