Effects of ethical climate in association with tenure on work addiction, quality of care and staff retention: a cross-sectional study

"The article studies an organizational lever, namely the ethical climate, as a vector of several positive spin-offs, for both caregivers and patients. Considering that the data was collected across Canada during the omicron wave, the article presents an interesting portrait of healthcare networks and the people who make them up in times of crisis." Francis Maisonneuve

PREMs and PROMs Toolkit: Patient-reported outcome and experience measures

Although most professional or patient organizations claim to incorporate the concept of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) or Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREMs), how the information is collected is not necessarily adequate. To be compliant, PROMs and PREMs must be measured using scientifically validated tools and must be completed by patients. Let's see together the definition of PROMs and PREMs and what characterizes them.

What is a Living Lab?

An innovative approach, an advantageous research method and a key step in the continuous improvement of our health care system. In a living laboratory, the people who benefit from the care and services become stakeholders, on the same level as the other parties involved