PREMs and PROMs Toolkit: Patient-reported outcome and experience measures

Although most professional or patient organizations claim to incorporate the concept of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) or Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREMs), how the information is collected is not necessarily adequate. To be compliant, PROMs and PREMs must be measured using scientifically validated tools and must be completed by patients. Let's see together the definition of PROMs and PREMs and what characterizes them.

What is a Living Lab?

An innovative approach, an advantageous research method and a key step in the continuous improvement of our health care system. In a living laboratory, the people who benefit from the care and services become stakeholders, on the same level as the other parties involved

Unité de soutien SRAP du Québec has published its 2014–2021 activity report for the community

It’s been six years already! Since its inception, Quebec’s Unité de soutien de la Stratégie de recherche axée sur le patient (SRAP) has built valuable partnerships and beneficial synergies in patient-oriented research (POR). It has become a leading resource in Quebec for supporting learning systems.

How to meaningfully and equitably involve patients and the public in scaling up: upcoming publication of a study protocol

Members of our Knowledge Translation component published a study protocol which will allow for a better understanding of how to involve patients and the public in a significant and equitable manner in scale-up initiatives for a sustainable health care and social services network (RSSS).

CLARET project on meta consent to use health data in research: preliminary results

The scientific paper “Citizens, Research Ethics Committee Members and Researchers’ Attitude Toward Information and Consent for the Secondary Use of Health Data: Implications for Research Within Learning Health Systems” was recently published in connection with the CLARET project, led by our Data Access team and involving meta consent. It included the results of the first part […]

CONECT-6: the first case-finding tool to rapidly identify patients suffering from chronic disease with complex health needs

Dr. Catherine Hudon and her team published a study entitled “CONECT-6: a case-finding tool to identify patients with complex health needs” on the development and validation of the tool in BMC Health and Services Research. This approach will allow for early intervention for those at risk of high use of emergency services.

Learning resulting from a multicentric study: a new article by Marie-Eve Poitras and her team as part of the Unité de soutien SRAP du Québec demonstration project

A research article entitled “Step-by-Step Strategies for an Integrated Patient-Oriented Research: Lessons Learned from a Multicentered Study” has been published. Its aim is to add to the literature on patient-oriented research (POR) in a context that brings together the perspectives of both research teams and patients, rather than reporting them separately. The article was created […]

Jason Robert Guertin et al. publish a systematic review of economic evaluations based on observational data in cardiology

The article “A Systematic Review of Methods Used for Confounding Adjustment in Observational Economic Evaluations in Cardiology Conducted between 2013 and 2017” was published in 2020 by Dr. Jason Robert Guertin and his colleagues. This project aimed to identify whether and how health economic evaluation teams had controlled for confounding bias in economic assessments based on […]

Proper usage of sex and gender in studies of shared decision-making intervention: an assessment by Dr. Lionel Adisso and the Unité de soutien SRAP du Québec

Dr. Lionel Adisso and his colleagues from our Knowledge Translation team have assessed the proper usage of sex and gender in studies of shared decision-making (SDM) intervention. The studies considered were included in a published 2018 Cochrane review of SDM interventions. The authors extracted and analyzed data on the proper usage of sex and gender terms based […]

Caregiving and decision regret: Dr. Hélène Elidor publishes a systematic review in collaboration with the Unité de soutien SRAP du Québec

Dr. Hélène Elidor, with support from our experts in knowledge translation, has published the review “Extent and Predictors of Decision Regret among Informal Caregivers Making Decisions for a Loved One: A Systematic Review.” Context Caregivers are often faced with difficult health care decisions for dependent or vulnerable individuals. These decision-making processes can lead caregivers to experience […]