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Supporting POR excellence, successful career paths for POR stakeholders, POR capacity-building, networking and interdisciplinarity within the Quebec LHS.

Our services

  • Support for teams and other partners in developing POR-related content, training programs and certification
  • POR and LHS training support for members of an organization or research team
  • Support for the establishment of public or private communities of practice on topics related to POR and LHS
  • Support for mentorship
  • Support for webinars and conferences related to POR and LHS with an intersectoral and interdisciplinary approach
  • Establishment of POR and LHS fellowship and internship programs. Fellowships offered in partnership with the Unit allow recipients to develop their POR skills, enhance their career path, network and work across disciplines.
  • Support for networking and connection among stakeholders
  • Support in identifying and prioritizing capacity-building activities and implementing capacity-building infrastructure
  • Training and communities of practice on the ESPACE PROXIMITÉ platform

Our activities

  • Complementary training and capacity-building program for FRQ fellowship recipients on patient-oriented research, the learning health system, care trajectories and the quadruple aim, in partnership with the three streams of the Fonds de recherche du Québec
  • Training program for any individual or organization involved in health through research, care or social services. Support for the Unit’s team members, expertise and partnerships in the development of content and training programs
  • SPOR capacity-building working group bringing together all the SPOR networks in Quebec

Espace Proximité

ESPACE PROXIMITÉ is a collaborative space dedicated to patient-oriented research (POR). It connects all those involved in health through research, care or social services—patients and the public included—to co-construct a learning health system through POR.

Nos communautés de pratique

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Communauté de la Stratégie de recherche axée sur le patient (SRAP)

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Marie-Dominique Poirier, patient partner

The patient-research partnership is based on my personal experience as a patient. This first-hand knowledge lets me approach research from a different angle—that of the patient—and allows me to make a small contribution to health care progress.

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When you apply for support from the Unité de soutien SSA Québec, you are taking part in the emergence of a learning health system (LHS). We offer three types of support: training, consultation and tools.


Portrait of Annie LeBlanc.

Annie LeBlanc

Scientific direction – Capacity Building

Portrait of Marie-Dominique Poirier.

Marie-Dominique Poirier

Patient Partner to Management of the Capacity Building team

Portrait of Émilie Grenier.

Émilie Grenier

Coordination – Capacity Building


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