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Data management optimization

Guidance for acquiring available data on health care and social service performance, research and innovation.

Our services

  • Data platform services
    • Support for requests to access care trajectory data from the TorSaDE cohort
  • Data storage consulting
  • Support for consent policies on data sharing and storage, as well as transparency.
    • CLARET (Transparency- and consent-driven ethical framework designed to share research data)
  • Support on using data extraction, translation, organization and structuring tools
    • Data security guidelines
      • Data collection, destruction, storage and backup
      • Access, analysis and sharing of results
    • DEDIP (list of criteria to guide extraction of essential data to describe population interventions)
    • Ontologies
    • PARS3 (Learning platform designed to link the queries of care and research teams with information systems specific to each data custodian. It allows data to be transmitted securely to other secure third-party systems through which the requesting unit can access it.)
  • Training and communities of practice on the ESPACE PROXIMITÉ platform

Some services and tools may not be available currently for legal reasons.

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