Vision and mission

Our Unit strives to play a key role in the continuous improvement of Quebec’s health care system and care trajectories. It supports and catalyzes the implementation of a Learning Health System in the territories of Quebec’s four RUISSSs by relying on POR.


Our mission

Together with and for the benefit of the public, we are mobilizing research, health and social services networks in an effort to improve:

  • Patient experience and outcomes
  • The health of the population
  • The efficiency of the system
  • The well-being of health and social services workers
  • Health and social services equity

These improvements are in keeping with balance.

OBJECTIVE: the quintuple aim

Focus on (1) improving health care and service outcomes and the patient experience (2) and the health of the population (3) efficiently while (4) ensuring the well-being of health and social services staff and equity in health and social services (5).

PROCESS: the Learning Health System

In line with the quintuple aim, health services organizations must measure their performance and implement continuous quality improvement initiatives for health care and services trajectories.

MEANS: health care and service trajectories

The study of health care and service trajectories represents the concrete means, anchored in the real world, to evaluate and improve the overall health care and services that are provided.


Serving Quebec’s health and social services network

We help institutions, organizations, decision-makers and staff working in health care, research and social services to work differently (data management, data valorization, change management, working in partnerships) toward a common goal: achieving a Learning Health System in Quebec, along with the quintuple aim.