The Unité de Soutien SSA Québec believes its website should be accessible to people with disabilities and physical limitations. To improve accessibility, it has designed its site in keeping with many Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) including the following:

  • Text size can be adjusted by clicking the icon provided for this purpose at the top left of the screen (A + A-)
  • The breadcrumb trail and contextual menu help the users find their way on the site
  • The contrast is high between the text and the background to make it easy to read
  • Colour is never used as the only way to convey information
  • Non-textual content, like images, have textual equivalents (alternative texts)
  • Nothing that flashes or animates quickly is used
  • The vocabulary used is as straightforward and simple as possible

Telephone support

If you have trouble accessing some of our content, please contact the Unit by telephoning 450-463-1835 ext. 61890 or send an email to Thank you!