Expériences Magazine: living with illness and care

Discover the issues of Experiences magazine, published by the community of patient partners of the same name.

The mission of the Expériences magazine is to create a space for free expression by gathering, in various forms, testimonies of lived experiences regarding illness and care.

This unique magazine is published by the patient partners in research community of the same name. The Expériences community includes patient partners who are actively involved in the governance of the patient partnership, at the strategic level, and directly in research teams. It also brings together various members of the Québec health and social services network, including researchers. This initiative comes from the Partnership Axis of the Unité de soutien SSA Québec and the Centre of Excellence in Partnership with Patients and the Public (CEPPP).

Because all of us, patients, caregivers, families, various stakeholders in the service of the same cause, go through these odysseys with our own nuances, an infinity of emotions, sensations, perceptions, doubts, wills, fears that pathologies do not define. Since we are all different, the richness and variety of experiences come from our singularities, our paths, our sensitivities, our lives, our surroundings, our limits, our desires, our achievements, our experiences.

Xavière Sénéchal

Do you write? Do you paint or draw?

You can contribute to the magazine in one of the following forms: a text (approximately 200, 400 or 800 words in a Word file), a poem of less than 300 words, or a scanned high definition visual creation (jpg, pdf or svg file). We accept submissions in English, French and Aboriginal languages. You can sign your text with your name, initials, a pseudonym or keep it anonymous. Please indicate the title of your submission. *Please submit your proposals to Thank you for your submissions!

The team

  • Annie Descoteaux
  • Catherine Wilhelmy
  • Louise Patenaude
  • Karina Prévost
  • Mary Anne Levasseur
  • Mathieu Bouchard
  • Mathieu Jackson
  • Myriam Fournier-Tombs
  • Samira Amil
  • Xavière Sénéchal