Do you know the patient partner community “expériences”?

Discover it in video. It is a unique initiative.

You’ll know everything in 3 minutes! Follow the guide, Mathieu Bouchard, co-leader of the Patient Partners in Research community called expériences. Discover a tightly woven community that contributes to health research in Quebec through its expertise in living with illness. Please note the video is in french.

  • Overview of the work done by the experimental community, its governance and its vision
  • History of the development of the patient partnership in Québec and Canada

Would you like to join the patient community ” expériences “?

The patient community ” expériences ” includes patients, citizens, family caregivers and various members of the Quebec health and social services network, including researchers. There are no selection criteria for joining the community. You have experiences to share and they can make a difference in the future of our health system. Being a member of the experience community allows you, depending on your level of comfort, to

  • be involved in the governance and strategy of the patient partnership
  • be part of research teams

This initiative comes from the Partnership Axis of the Unité de soutien SSA Québec and the Centre of Excellence in Partnership with Patients and the Public (CEPPP).

Step 1: Create your account on

Step 2: Apply to join the patient community ” expériences “

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