Do you know the patient partner community “Expériences”?

Discover it in video. It is a unique initiative.

The Expériences community includes patient partners actively committed to demystifying the individual and collective role in health. They do so at the level of patient partnership governance, at the strategic level, and directly within research, care and service teams and academia. It also brings together various members of Québec’s health and social services network.

You’ll know everything in 3 minutes! Follow the guide, Mathieu Bouchard, co-leader of the Patient Partners in Research community called expériences. Discover a tightly woven community that contributes to health research in Quebec through its expertise in living with illness. Please note the video is in french.

  • Overview of the work done by the experimental community, its governance and its vision
  • History of the development of the patient partnership in Quebec and Canada

Expériences is a community initiated and led by patients,users, their families and citizen partners. It brings together people interested and involved in partnership in the healthcare system.

Coleaders: Catherine Wilhelmy and Karina Prévost

Executive Committee: Catherine Wilhelmy, Karina Prévost, Louis Lochhead, Samira Amil and Zamzam Akbaraly

Expériences members are involved in the community at different levels: Executive, Assembly and Crossroads.

The role of the Executive encompasses three aspects: administrative, strategic and operational. It is responsible for directing and supervising activities, keeping the organization’s mission up to date and ensuring that its actions are in line with the orientations of the Support Unit and its partners. The Executive, made up of five community members, proposes strategic orientations to the Assembly and sets priorities in its annual work plan based on available resources.

The Assembly of Expériences is made up of a limited number of partners, generally around twenty people. This group is formed to ensure optimal diversity of representatives, both geographically (provincial) and in terms of lived experience. It is a community of practice with a reflective, consultative and decision-making role.

Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds:

  • Unit focuses
  • Various research centers and institutes
  • CISSS or CIUSSS across Quebec
  • Other provincial committees
  • Independent members

The « Carrefour » of Expériences is made up of partners, both patients and non-patients. These people are registered with our various communication networks and our portal. They are interested in learning and becoming involved in partnerships. They receive our communications and are invited to our webinars and forums. They may also be contacted to participate in more targeted partnership activities, depending on their availability and interest.

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