The Unit’s offer

LHS leader in Québec

What we offer

The Unit supports the continuous improvement of the Québec health system by making its expertise in learning health systems available to the network.


  • Elle construit des connaissances scientifiques et expérientielles
  • Elle offre du soutien à la carte aux responsables de projets dans le réseau
  • Elle orchestre l’amélioration continue de la qualité

The Unit offers support in three ways

  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Networking
  • Facilitation

It deploys its expertise through 5 axis and 4 SSA-RUISSS teams:

  • Partnership Axis
  • Data Management Axis
  • Data to knowledge Axis
  • Change Management Axis
  • Capacity Building Axis
  • SSA-RUISSS team Université de Montréal
  • SSA-RUISSS team McGill University
  • SSA-RUISSS team Université Laval
  • SSA-RUISSS team Université de Sherbrooke

LHS Portal

The Unit makes its services available through its LHS Portal. You can apply for support online. Several types of requests are possible:

  • Rencontre exploratoire
  • Lettre de soutien
  • Soutien à une demande de subvention de recherche
  • Soutien pour un projet de recherche en cours
  • Partenariat patient/public/organisationnel
  • Formation
  • Communauté de pratique
  • Outil/plateforme

Are you?

  • A researcher?
  • A decision maker?
  • A health and social services professional
  • A patient or a caregiver?

The Unit’s support offer is available to any person or organization working in health and social services in Québec. It provides you with the EXPERTISE YOU NEED to integrate partnership, data science and change management into your project in order to MAXIMIZE ITS VALUE.

Service request

When you apply for support from the Unité de soutien SSA Québec, you are taking part in the emergence of a learning health system (LHS). We offer three types of support: training, consultation and tools.