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Are you a patient?

You are an expert in living with disease. Since its creation, the Unit has placed patient-oriented research at the centre of its initiatives. POR allows patients to participate in research and health care and social services care as co-researchers, partners in their care.

Your role is essential for health care to migrate to a learning health system.

Patient-oriented research (POR)

Patient/public research partner guide

This guide is primarily for patients and their families, caregivers and members of the public interested in patient engagement in research.


  • The foundations and benchmarks of POR
  • Guidelines of patient/public partnership
  • Effective partnership prerequisites
  • Recruitment and training of patients and patient partners

What does it mean to be a patient partner?

Alexandre Grégoire, who has diabetes and cystic fibrosis, shares his perspectives about being a patient partner and how this individual experience of care has given him insight that he can now apply to research. Have you or a loved one lived through COVID-19 or do you have any other experience of what it’s like to live with the illness? Your knowledge may be highly beneficial for the world of research.

Being a caregiver and contributing to research: how and why?

Are you a caregiver? Would you like to know if the person you are taking care of or you yourself could be asked to participate in a research project? You may be able to contribute to this type of project. Learn how, why and what is involved from screenwriter Louis-Philippe Rivard, caregiver for his partner Josée Boudreault, and Dr. Sophie Éthier, a professor specializing in caregiving.

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Veronique Sabourin, patient partner

I had a life expectancy of 18 years, and now I’m 45. I’ve been receiving care since childhood. I was involved long before patient partnership was recognized and was given a name. It came naturally to me. I don’t like to complain, I like to find solutions! This led to my interest in research and co-construction. I joined the demonstration project because our contributions are necessary. Patients can’t exist without health care professionals and the opposite is also true too. This is precisely what I want: to demonstrate the relevance and added value of patient partnership.