Are you a citizen?

You are the expert in your own trajectory. Since its creation, the Unit has placed partnership at the heart of its mission. This partnership between all the people and organizations working in or on the periphery of the network must include people who have experienced, either personally or as a caregiver, a physical, mental or psychosocial health condition that gives them a valuable experience, that of a transversal perspective of the system. Together, let’s break down the silos in the health and social services network and put your experiential knowledge to work for our healthcare system.

Are you interested in patient partnership?

Expériences, our community of patient partners, can help you get started.

Here are a few readings and viewings we recommend to help you discover what patient partnerships are, the different forms they can take, and whether you’d like to take the plunge!

Le guide des patient(e)s-citoyen(ne)s partenaires en recherche (Document is in French)

Roadmap for partnering with patients, families, and caregivers in a Learning Health System

Livre blanc sur le partenariat avec les patient(e)s et le public (Document is in French)

What does it mean to be a patient partner? (Video is in French)

Being a caregiver and contributing to research: how and why?

Video: Working in partnership in health and social services: a team’s testimonial (Video in French, subtitles available in English)

Videos: Understanding research (French and English)

Find out what’s a learning health system in 60 seconds

Whether you want to get involved or not, you can access the latest news on patient partnerships and the learning healthcare system.

The Unité de soutien SSA Québec offers a number of free training courses and learning activities on patient partnership. Explore the training catalog and register online.


The mission of the Experiences magazine is to create a space for free expression by gathering, in various forms, testimonies of lived experiences with regard to the disease and care. It is published in french by the Québec community of patient partners in research.

The general public is invited to attend the Experiences lunchtime webinar series organized by the Experiences patient partner community. Free of charge, these events aim to address a variety of health and social services topics in an accessible, inclusive and cross-disciplinary context. They are held in French.


Veronique Sabourin, patient partner

I had a life expectancy of 18 years, and now I’m 45. I’ve been receiving care since childhood. I was involved long before patient partnership was recognized and was given a name. It came naturally to me. I don’t like to complain, I like to find solutions! This led to my interest in research and co-construction. I joined the demonstration project because our contributions are necessary. Patients can’t exist without health care professionals and the opposite is also true too. This is precisely what I want: to demonstrate the relevance and added value of patient partnership.

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