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The Unité de soutien au système de santé apprenant (SSA) Québec is a provincial unit of the national strategy for patient-oriented research (SPOR) network of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

It supports and catalyzes the continuous improvement of Quebec’s health care system by mobilizing the research, health care and social service networks, with and for the public.

Why the Unit?

  • The Unit promotes an understanding of implementation science
    • It completes the learning cycle
  • It is supported by the Canada-wide SPOR program
    • CIHR funding benefits Quebec
  • It supports development of the LHS through its expertise
  • The Unit acts as a broker, offering nine areas of expertise in four RUISSSs. It:
    • Ensures that project managers have access to expertise relevant for Quebec
    • Prevents redundant efforts and provides LHS value-added to all supported projects
    • Makes unequalled return on investments possible, responding to the requester’s needs and criteria
  • It catalyzes the LHS by facilitating involvement of all stakeholders in the cycle from the start
    • More effective
    • Highly competitive
    • More unifying (RUISSS collaboration)