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The Unit’s expertise is based in particular on the facilitation of collaboration between the four Réseaux universitaires de santé et de services sociaux (RUISSSs), their faculties of medicine (Laval, McGill, Montréal and Sherbrooke universities) and their research teams. The coming together of these traditionally highly competitive institutions is in itself a notable success attributable to the establishment and operation of the Unit.

Our pan-Quebec Unit comprises more than 50 experts.

  • An executive team, with a management, leadership and communication role, is established at the Université de Sherbrooke’s Longueuil campus
  • Components that are activated by specialized teams in Quebec’s four faculties of medicine and their affiliated research centres (McGill University, Université de Montréal, Université Laval, Université de Sherbrooke) to deploy the Unit’s service offering
  • Co-researchers (patients and patient-partners) throughout the Quebec university network


Portrait of Antoine Groulx.

Antoine Groulx

Scientific direction

Portrait of Alain Vanasse.

Alain Vanasse

Scientific advisor

Portrait of Joe Guillaume Pelletier.

Joe Guillaume Pelletier

General management

Portrait of Annie LeBlanc.

Annie LeBlanc

Scientific direction – Capacity Building

Portrait of Antoine Boivin.

Antoine Boivin

Scientific codirection – Patient/public Partnership

Portrait of Anne-Marie Cloutier.

Anne-Marie Cloutier

Patient Partner to Management of Data Optimization team

Portrait of Catherine Wilhelmy.

Catherine Wilhelmy

Patient Partner to the Executive Team

Portrait of Christian Chabot.

Christian Chabot

Patient Partner to Management of the Learning Health System team

Portrait of Christine Loignon.

Christine Loignon

Scientific codirection – Patient/public Partnership Université de Sherbrooke

Portrait of France Légaré.

France Légaré

Scientific direction – Learning Health System

Portrait of Jean-François Éthier.

Jean-François Éthier

Scientific direction – Data Management Optimization

Portrait of Marie-Dominique Poirier.

Marie-Dominique Poirier

Patient Partner to Management of the Capacity Building team

Portrait of Marie-Pierre Gagnon.

Marie-Pierre Gagnon

Scientific codirection – Patient/public Partnership Université Laval

Portrait of Paul Nadeau.

Paul Nadeau

Patient Partner to the Executive Team

Portrait of Philippe Karazivan.

Philippe Karazivan

Scientific codirection – Patient/public Partnership Université de Montréal

Portrait of Sylvain Bédard.

Sylvain Bédard

Patient Partner to Management of the Patient/Public Partnership team

Portrait of Tracie A Barnett.

Tracie A Barnett

Scientific direction – Complementary Expertises & Scientific codirection – Patient/Public Partnership McGill University

Portrait of Vincent Dumez.

Vincent Dumez

Codirection – Patient/Public Partnership


Portrait of Anaïs Lacasse.

Anaïs Lacasse

Population data

Portrait of Anik Giguère.

Anik Giguère

Decision-making tools

Portrait of Alex McComber.

Alex McComber

Indigenous Health Care

Portrait of Annabelle Cumyn.

Annabelle Cumyn


Portrait of Bilkis Vissandjee.

Bilkis Vissandjee

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Portrait of Catherine Hudon.

Catherine Hudon

LHS Demo Project Large Users of Emergency Services

Portrait of Marie-Claude Tremblay.

Marie-Claude Tremblay

Indigenous Health Care

Portrait of Marie-Ève Poitras.

Marie-Ève Poitras

PaRIS Québec project

Portrait of Maude Laberge.

Maude Laberge

Health Economics

Portrait of Mathieu Bouchard.

Mathieu Bouchard

Patient partenaire – Partenariat Patient/public Université de Montréal

Portrait of Matthew Garriss.

Matthew Garriss

Patient Partner – Learning Health System/PPP branch Université de Sherbrooke

Portrait of Pierre Pluye.

Pierre Pluye

Mixed methods

Portrait of Robert-Paul Juster.

Robert-Paul Juster

Sex and Gender Analysis

Portrait of Samira Amil.

Samira Amil

Patient Partner – Patient/Public Partnership Université Laval

Portrait of Sara Ahmed.

Sara Ahmed


Portrait of Sonia Lussier.

Sonia Lussier

Patient partner – Complementary Expertises

Portrait of Yves Couturier.

Yves Couturier

Accès Recherche portal

Portrait of Thomas Poder.

Thomas Poder

Health Economics

Portrait of Tibor Schuster.

Tibor Schuster

AI & Algorithms


Portrait of Émilie Grenier.

Émilie Grenier

Coordination – Capacity Building

Portrait of Myriam Fournier-Tombs.

Myriam Fournier-Tombs

Coordination – Patient/Public Partnership

Executive Team

Portrait of Alexandre Charette.

Alexandre Charette

Development LHS-RUISSS

Portrait of France Lemieux.

France Lemieux


Portrait of Josée Kirouac.

Josée Kirouac

Financial Management

Portrait of Mylène Lévesque.

Mylène Lévesque

Scientific Direction assistance

Portrait of Myra Drolet.

Myra Drolet


Portrait of Sylvie Noël.

Sylvie Noël

Executive secretary

Portrait of Yessica-Haydee Gomez Sandoval.

Yessica-Haydee Gomez Sandoval

Development LHS-RUISSS