Continuous quality improvement services for family medicine clinics and family medicine groups

The Unité de soutien SSA Québec offers Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) support to family medicine clinics and Family Medicine Groups (GMFs). How do we do it? Thanks to the expertise of regional CQI agents.

These services are provided to family medicine clinics and family medicine groups.

In December 2022, the Unit created 4 positions for regional Continuous Quality Improvement Officers (ARACQs in French). These people work in Family Medicine Groups (GMFs in French), while Continuous Quality Improvement Agents (AACQs in French) are deployed in the University Family Medicine Groups (GMF-Us in French). With the ARACQs, the Unit supports family medicine clinics and family medicine groups that apply.

Consulting, support and skills development

  • Deploy the continuous quality improvement (CQI) methodology and culture in your environment
  • Engage patients and learners in CQI activities
  • Facilitate collaborative CQI workshops with the FMG team
  • Plan the project and write the action plan based on evidence
  • Monitor and update action plans
  • Support the team in :
    • Choosing objectives and indicators
    • Implementing the best ideas for change
  • Support the use of data to feed collective reflexivity and ensure the sustainability of changes

How does it work?

1. Meeting to assess your context, your needs and your level of preparation for CQI

2. Development of a collaboration agreement

“Do you want to improve both care and your work? Get involved in continous quality improvement, anything is possible with our support!”