Cultural Safety in Indigenous Health Research Context: a report of recommendations drawn from an unprecedented round-table discussion

To define and identify the best ways of conducting culturally safe indigenous health research, placing the voices and knowledge of indigenous people and their allies at the heart of the process. This is the challenge that several partners have set themselves. To achieve this, they organized an unprecedented round table with people representing 10 of the 11 nations present on Quebec territory.

Effects of ethical climate in association with tenure on work addiction, quality of care and staff retention: a cross-sectional study

"The article studies an organizational lever, namely the ethical climate, as a vector of several positive spin-offs, for both caregivers and patients. Considering that the data was collected across Canada during the omicron wave, the article presents an interesting portrait of healthcare networks and the people who make them up in times of crisis." Francis Maisonneuve


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Patient First: Improving the trajectory of oncology care and services in Québec

The aim of Patient First is to provide better support for cancer patients and their families in Québec. How can we do this? By improving their cancer care and services trajectory. This is a unique patient partnership project, since the issues to be addressed by the teams were raised by Oncopole's partner patient committee.