Clinical Trials Quebec: your resource for discovering clinical research

CTQ offers high-quality, impartial, comprehensive, and accessible information about clinical research and clinical trials. The website also provides free tools and services such as a Personalized Clinical Trial Support Service, Québec's Public Clinical Trials Database, a Directory of Patient Organizations and a Glossary of complex medical terms.

The Unité de soutien SSA Québec is pleased to share the recent success of our partner CATALIS Québec in launching Clinical Trials Quebec (CTQ), a brand-new information and services hub for all things clinical research!

Catherine Wilhelmy, a patient partner in the CATALIS network and representative of the Unité de soutien SSA Québec on CATALIS projects, contributed directly to the development of the Carrefour provincial en recherche clinique. Her experience has ensured alignment between the Carrefour’s goals and the needs of patient communities.

What is Recherche clinique Québec?

Clinical Trials Quebec (CTQ) is an information and services hub for all things clinical research, powered by the CATALIS Network and developed in partnership with the Quebec government. CTQ is an innovative provincial tool that provides high quality, complete, neutral, and accessible information on clinical research, as well as free services that improve access to clinical trials. These include the Personalized Support Service, which helps patients, caregivers and medical professionals find clinical trials that match their criteria, and Quebec’s Public Clinical Trials Database, which enables users to search for clinical trials conducted in Quebec, Canada, or around the world.

Clinical Trials Quebec dedicates a page to patient partnership. Click here to visit it

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