The Unité de soutien SSA Québec develops orientations for learning family medecine groups (GMFs)

How can we extend a culture of continuous quality improvement to the entire front line and foster the emergence of learning family medicine groups (GMFs) mobilized to achieve the quintuple aim? How can we mobilize these GMFs to improve organizational and clinical practices and create a healthy, committed community?

In the summer of 2023, the Unit is launching the GMF apprenant project, which involves developing orientations to support family medicine groups (GMFs) in adopting a culture of reflexivity and continuous quality improvement based on the quintuple aim.

Medical consultant Catherine Bouffard-Dumais and research coordinator Sophie Boies are joining the Unit to carry out this mandate. They will conduct a literature review, visit primary care settings and specialty clinics, and conduct rounds of consultations with partners, leaders and experts before and after the development of the GMF apprenant orientations. Planning for measuring the orientations’ impact and setting up a community of practice will also be carried out.

First objectives

  • Define the learning GMF:
    • Expected impacts
    • Factors conducive to its emergence
  • Establish the milestones needed to become a learning GMF:
    • Literature review
    • Consultations with experts and visits to leading and innovative GMF environments in Québec
  • Establish success indicators
  • Ensure systematic measurement of post-coaching results
  • Network the various partners and experts (public and private) who can..:
    • Support communities
    • Define the basis of this collaboration
  • Implementation and change management