Karina Prévost named co-leader of patient-partner community Expériences

Karina Prévost becomes co-leader of the Expériences patient parteners community and a member of the Unité de soutien SSA Québec executive committee.

In June 2023, the Expériences patient partners community announced the nomination of Karina Prévost as co-leader of the group. Alongside Catherine Wilhelmy, Ms. Prévost plays a key role in mobilizing this unique Québec community of over 100 patient partners. Involved with the Unité de soutien SSA Québec since 2016, Ms. Prévost also joins its executive committee as a patient partner.

A few months after receiving a bipulmonary transplant, Karina Prévost became involved as a patient partner in the health and social services network. She has been a partner in her own health care for over thirty years. The Expériences community and the Unit are privileged to benefit from the rich experiential knowledge that Mrs. Prévost generously makes available to our healthcare system and the community in order to move things forward.

I’m involved because I want everything I’ve been through because of illness to be used for something constructive. I’m a patient partner because I’ve always believed in collaboration with the patient, even at a time when paternalistic medicine was the norm.
In my care, I have suffered from a lack of listening to my perspective. Too often, my experiences and feelings were dismissed out of hand, even though I was the one living my life with the disease.

Patient partners in the Expériences community are involved in numerous bodies, organizations and research projects throughout Québec, the rest of Canada and even Europe. Karina Prévost has been involved since the community’s earliest days. Year after year, she continues her involvement with enthusiasm.

I was lucky enough to see the birth of the community even before it was named Expériences. It’s a real pleasure to see all the work that’s been done since then!
Our encounters are rich and enable us to learn from each other. I’m always very impressed by the quality and diversity of the experiences reported by each member of the community.

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