The Involvement Matrix: Involvement of patients in projects and research


The Involvement Matrix has been developed to promote collaboration with patients (from the age of 12) in projects and research. It is a tool for project leaders/researchers to support dialogue with the patient about the role the patient wishes to play in a project.


Center of Excellence for Rehabilitation Medicine Utrecht (2017). Danemark.

Scientific Rigor

  • Patient and Public perspective 5/5
  • Usability 5/5
  • Comprehensiveness 4/5

Assessment Grid

When evaluating patient and public partnership tools, we used the following evaluation grid. It can also be used by the research community to determine the relevance of various PPP engagement assessment tools.We provide a five-star rating for each of the following four criteria:

  • Patient/Public Perspective: Does the tool take into account the views of patients and the public (both in its development and use)?
  • Comprehensiveness : Is the tool comprehensive in evaluating the context, process, outcomes and impacts of patient and public engagement?
  • Usability: Is the tool easy to use?