Annual reports

Unité de soutien SRAP du Québec has published its 2014–2021 activity report for the community

It’s been six years already! Since its inception, Quebec’s Unité de soutien de la Stratégie de recherche axée sur le patient (SRAP) has built valuable partnerships and beneficial synergies in patient-oriented research (POR). It has become a leading resource in Quebec for supporting learning systems.

We are more determined than ever to help build a learning health system that is continuously improving, with and for the population, benefiting both patients and health and social service staff. It is in this spirit that we are publishing an activity report for the community for the first time. We hope that our vision and service proposal inspire you so that as many people as possible can benefit from it.

  • Complementary Expertise
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion, sex and gender
  • Health economics
  • Optimized, ethical and transparent data management
  • Patient-Public-Organizational Partnership
  • Skills development, training and mentoring