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From medicine to the learning health system: the journey of Dr. Antoine Groulx

Discover the life trajectory of Dr. Antoine Groulx, Scientific Director of the Unité de soutien au système de santé apprenant du Québec. The student who became a doctor, a decision-maker, and then an ambassador, shares his awareness. Why does he want to change things? How did the patient/public/organizational partnership and the learning health system become essential for him?

Innovative synergy between Québec universities and their research teams: the unité de soutien SSA Québec is recruiting

the Unit ensures that Québec experts are brought together in teams to support research in learning health systems (LHS) in each of the territories attached to the Centres hospitaliers universitaires du Québec (CHU) associated with the universities of McGill, Montréal, Laval and Sherbrooke, namely the RUISSS.

“Building Québec’s Learning Health System Together” summit: A Shift to Partnership and Continuous Improvement

On March 24, 2022, the Unité de soutien au système de santé apprenant (SSA) Québec held the summit "Building Québec's Learning Health System Together". The population and key members of our health and social services network were at the same event to build the future. This gathering was an opportunity to initiate a real shift towards partnership and continuous improvement of our health system.

Quebecers believe that the well-being of health care teams and science should guide health care decisions above all else

Between February 18 and 20, 2022, the Unité de soutien SSA Québec, with the expertise of the firm Léger, administered a survey designed to question the population of Québec regarding the improvement of the health system and the sharing of their medical information