A framework for evaluating patient and public engagement in research

This national tool can be used to plan and evaluate the patient and public engagement process before, during and at the end of a research project.

Learning Together is a framework for evaluating patient and public engagement in research. It is a national tool that can be used to plan and evaluate the engagement process before, during and at the end of a project. It is available in English and French. The Unité de soutien SSA Québec supported the creation of this tool, which was co-developed with all provincial SPOR units and other SPOR entities.

How to use the Learning Together tool

  • Guide to planning the patient engagement process
    • Users can identify and implement best practices before the project begins, improve them during the course of the project, and report on the transformation to which their work has contributed. Users can also use the evaluation framework to build their own logic model to evaluate patient engagement as part of their research.
  • List of indicators
    • Essential indicators
    • Indicators that allow you to go further
  • Tool to catalyze best practices and common strategies for implementing and evaluating patient and public engagement

Audrey L’Espérance, Eleonora Bogdanova, Carolyn Canfield, Mary Anne Levasseur, Claudio Del Grande, Julia Abelson, Maman Joyce Dogba, Carol Fancott, Christine Loignon, Annette Majnemer, Marie-Pascale Pomey, Jananee Rasiah, Jon Salsberg, Maria Santana, Marie-Claude Tremblay, Robin Urquhart, and Antoine Boivin. 2023. Learning Together Evaluation framework for Patient and Public Engagement (PPE).

We would like to thank the following individuals and partner organizations for their contribution to the consensus-building exercise.

  • Charles Albert Morin
  • Yvonne Pelling
  • Feodor Poukhovski-Sheremetyev
  • Teresa Chen
  • Chloe Guinaudie (ACCESS Open Minds)
  • Vittorio Borrelli, Ingrid Nielssen
  • Sandra Zelinsky (Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit)
  • Sunny Loo, Colleen McGavin (BC SUPPORT Unit)
  • David Hillier
  • Cynthia MacDonald
  • Cathy Woods (CanSolveCKD)
  • Ghislaine Rouly (Canada Research Chair in Patient and Public Partnership)
  • Anya Humphrey
  • Isabel Jordan (Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement)
  • Amy Spurway
  • Kristy Wittmeier (Child-Bright Network)
  • Kim Begley
  • Jennifer Daly-Cyr
  • Dawn Richards (Chronic Pain Network)
  • Dana Greenberg
  • Virtue Bajurny
  • Sasha Delorme (Diabetes Action Canada)
  • Lianne Mantla-Look (Hotıì ts’eeda SPOR SUPPORT Unit)
  • Kim Daley, Deborah Marshall (IMAGINE Network)
  • Carolyn Shimmin
  • Thomas Beaudry
  • Angela Tessier (Manitoba SPOR SUPPORT Unit)
  • Yvonne Hanson
  • Juanna Ricketts (Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit)
  • Chelsey McPhee
  • Dorothy Senior (Newfoundland and Labrador SPOR SUPPORT Unit)
  • Zarah Monfaredi
  • Maxime Lê
  • Stuart Nicholls (Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit)
  • Annette McKinnon
  • Lisa Ridgway (Patient Advisors Network)
  • Gillian Bartlett
  • Karina Prevost (SPOR Primary and Integrated Care Innovations Network)
  • Matthew Garriss and Alexandre Grégoire (Quebec SPOR SUPPORT Unit)
  • Michelle Flowers, Dale Hall (Saskatchewan SUPPORT Unit)
  • Eleonora Bogdanova (CEPPP) contributed to manuscript preparation and formatting

  • Patient-Public-Organizational Partnership