PADA: a Collaborative Digital Platform for Authors of Healthcare Decision Aids

Would you like to develop an interactive decision aid with low design costs? PADA is for you.

PADA is a digital platform for the collaborative development of decision aids based on the best practices identified in a systematic review. Would you like to develop an interactive decision aid with low design costs? PADA is for you.

Co-constructed with users and potential users, the PADA platform is unique. Currently in its initial functional version, it is available on request through the Unité de soutien SSA Québec.

Have you used PADA? Please share your feedback to actively contribute to the platform’s ongoing refinement and development.


  • The PADA online platform offers many advantages:
    • Provides a template for an interactive tool
  • Saves on web programming and design costs
    • Facilitates collaboration and co-construction
  • Multiple team members can work simultaneously on the same decision-support tool
  • Create virtual, interactive decision-support tools. See examples
  • Enables assessment of tool compliance with IPDAS criteria
  • Future features
    • Creation of decision aids in PDF format
    • Review area for comments on tools

What is a decision aid?

Patients have to make decisions about their health. How can we help them make these decisions? Shared decision-making is an approach that involves dialogue between patients and healthcare professionals to help them make informed decisions that meet their needs. Decision support tools are available to facilitate shared decision-making.

Decision support tools present the evidence on all available healthcare options and guide the discussion. They enable people to be better informed and to actively participate in shared decision-making with their healthcare provider.

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